Good deal or waste of time ? - Posted by Eric

Posted by Carey_PA on December 17, 2000 at 09:43:05:

Well Eric,

In my opinion you could probably buy a few singles for that $8.5k. BUT on the other hand, if I had the cash and KNEW I could turn around and sell that doublewide for $25k right away I would consider it. BUT, if I couldn’t get that much from it or even if I could, I’d have to take into consideration that that is a large some of money to buy a mobile home that I’m not use to doing and it could be a little risky…are you sure your going to be able to find someone to buy for 25K, etc? How long is it going to take you to recoup your cash from the deal?

This is NOT a typical lonnie deal that’s for sure, but hey IF it makes you money and you know what your doing I say go for it!

good luck,


Good deal or waste of time ? - Posted by Eric

Posted by Eric on December 16, 2000 at 19:10:25:

I live in northern calif and am thinking of buying a 1980 concord by champion 24X60 MH in good condition…I see year 76-81 MH single’s selling for 12k and doubles for 17-
25k up here this one is priced at $8500…The only thing i would probably replace is the carpet because it looks old, once that is in it will look like a new mobile home…

I have never seen a CONCORD before so wasnt sure if $8500 was a good deal, but based on what i see other’s selling for up here it seems like a GREAT deal…

No leaks that i can see anywhere,very clean inside etc etc…

Is there someing i am missing that would make this a bad deal ? or is it a great deal ? ? any opinions would be welcome…