Good Deal?? Is this as easy as it sounds.......... - Posted by Josh

Posted by Corey on June 25, 2004 at 06:23:41:

Josh,It can be! Why don’t you drop me a line and lets get this deal done, before the woord gets out.


Good Deal?? Is this as easy as it sounds… - Posted by Josh

Posted by Josh on June 21, 2004 at 16:32:47:

I am just getting ready to take the leap into the world of investing. My Fiance’s mother turned us on to this place yesterday. A Customer of hers neighbor is getting her house taken back from the bank. This is all supposed to hit the foreclosure market in the next few weeks. The house was recently appraised for $390k and there is only 160k left on the loan plus a 30k lien on the landscaping. We are thinking of purchasing the property (have to get a cosigner cause im 20 and probably wont qual.) and then putting it right on the market for around 380k to sell fast. Pocketing 200k!? Just wondering if this sounds legit or not. I was not looking at a foreclosure for my first investment. But hey the numbers a are good. Any help or advice would be great. Also, would i have a easier time financing this due to the equity in the home. I have a lack of credit everytime i try to get a mortgage. Thank you