Getting started as a birddog - Posted by carson

Posted by charles parrish on March 07, 2006 at 22:13:20:

Perfecting bird dog techniques requires practice at locating properties and negotiating an equity or cash profit? If all a bird dog does is to look for properties with equity, the search would be a very daunting task. You just can not go the classified section of the newspapers to find an ad that says; ?Real estate for sale, motivated seller, lots of equity available to steal, call now I am ready to walk away from all this profit, call me now, 1-555-take it.

Any one can find telephone numbers of sellers. But, can they negotiate with them; the art of making “Trial Offers” on the phone is the expertise that will uncover property owners with a good equity to control? The ability to read between the seller?s words, to interpret their hidden motivation is a learned skill? Being efficient at pulling comps and analyzing the fair market value is very important in helping to determining equity potential? I consider these very important qualities for a bird dog (I prefer the name ?Locator? over bird dog). A good Locator can make thousands of dollars working with a pro active real estate investor. Being a Locator is the first stip toward being an efficent investor.

That’s my opinion…???Charlie

Getting started as a birddog - Posted by carson

Posted by carson on March 07, 2006 at 17:28:51:

Wheres a good place to find investors to give deals too?

Do you just call “we buy houses” adds and see if theyre interested? Place an add in the paper saying “looking for investor” or something?

What are some other ways to find investors you can work with to birddog deals to?