frozen pipes & install shower cost quest. - Posted by Tim

Posted by Max-Va on March 10, 2007 at 21:26:16:

No one can answer that question.
Ask a few plumbers to give you an estimate.

frozen pipes & install shower cost quest. - Posted by Tim

Posted by Tim on March 10, 2007 at 19:19:15:

There is a house that I’m looking at, and considering purchasing. When the realtor, and I walked in to see the house this past Friday we immediately could hear the sound of gushing water coming from the basement. Apparently, this house (which is vacant) was not winterized, and the pipes burst. There was close to knee deep of water in the entire basement. Also, in the bathroom it only has one of those old bathtubs. For marketability purposes I think that it would be beneficial to take the tub out, and install a shower. For you vets out there could you please give me a ballpark idea as to what I could expect to need to spend in the fixing of all of the frozen pipes/water lines, and also how much it would approximately cost to have the tub taken out, install a shower, and all of the needed plumbing that would go along with that? Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and experiences on this.

Re: frozen pipes & install shower cost quest. - Posted by Edwin

Posted by Edwin on March 11, 2007 at 02:15:59:

How handy are you? The first thing to do is not to freak out about the
broken water pipes. Ideally, it will freak out the realtor and owner and
you can get a price discount of, say, $5,000, for example. If you can
get it fixed for $1,000, you just made $4000 in equity.

A new fiberglass tub and surround is about $300, or you can get a
cheapie metal tub for about $100, but then you have to get a tub
surround, and those range from $40-200 or so. then you can have it
tiled, instead, if you want. Just all depends on what type of house, the
neighborhood, and the clientele.