Forgive me for a horrible error - Posted by John Behle

Posted by John Behle on June 09, 2008 at 20:33:37:

I almost passed out when reading a post below where someone stated they would not consider coming to my course because of my picture…

The comment was “Nope, his picture makes him look too young.”

Please allow me to apologize that I do not have the type of ego that I run in and have a new beautiful “Bio” picture taken every year. I have to confess that that picture was taken when I was 28 years old. The fact is that even at that age I would pit my knowledge of notes and real estate against anyone anywhere.

But I apologize. That picture was taken in 1985 and I haven’t taken a bio picture since then. So, for anyone that is extremely distressed that I don’t look like an old wealthy 51 year old leaning up against a Mercedes can use “photoshop” or something to replace the blonde hair with Grey if that makes them sleep better at night. Actually, never mind. My seminars are for open minded people that have some grasp of how life works and are willing to use that creativity to make millions.

For those who do have open minds, use any internet search engine to find nothing but comments and raving reviews that might make it look like I am 250 instead of 51. Or you can read un-solicited student comments at:

Terry Vaughan, Michael Morrongiello and David Butler all have more current and up to date - more experienced - looking photos, so forget that this young kid will be there. But, those truly wonderful pros will all be there to help make it an incredibly powerful education experience and to fill in the gaps that such a young puppy like myself might not know.

Good grief. Sorry I had to vent a moment, it’s not too often a post here is that ignorant. I had a lot of respect and thought I had a friendship with “Killer Joe”, but I guess being so young, I was horribly mistaken.