foreclosure listings & comps - Posted by jason

Posted by Tony S. in FL on February 07, 2004 at 15:37:54:

Yahoo has a comparable sales search function. Here’s the link:

Yahoo also uses Realtytrac to list REO’s and pre-forclosures. It costs about $25 a month for the service but I found they don’t provide much data. Mainly a street address.

That’s fine for me because I live in a county that has it’s property and court data online and I can easily do research based just on the address. But if your investment area doesn’t have this then I’d check out some other service other than RealtyTrac.


foreclosure listings & comps - Posted by jason

Posted by jason on February 06, 2004 at 11:24:38:

Hi. i am wondering what online service other investors get their pre-foreclosure listings from. Also, I am trying to find a website that offers comps. the free sites seem to be very innaccurate. I didnt have any success looking for a pay site to subscribe to. Any suggestions??