Fleshing Out The Fla. Deal - Posted by Zane

Posted by Zane on November 29, 2000 at 10:32:11:

I am probably older than u kiddo. Excuse my somewhat converted short hand. It is not an affectation and why someone would take time out of their day to send a “high school” newbie a negative message instead of following J.P. Vaughn’s example of “Each One Teach One” is a mystery??!


Fleshing Out The Fla. Deal - Posted by Zane

Posted by Zane on November 29, 2000 at 01:26:30:

Ms. “X” from Citrus County Orlando Fla. (407)306-xxxx/Work 8a-4p
(352)465-xxx/her son Jonathan
Divorced & with a 2 hr work commute she wants some1 who will take care of this prop which has a lot of good memories 4 her “good & bad”. She responded 2 a form letter I sent 2 many Sellers on the Net listng the benfits of the Lease Option. She fell in2 my lap unexpectedly asking what did I mean by that letter. From that point on I remained as smooth as possible & kept it simple & down to Earth. Although I pretended 2 know the area I didn’t pretend 2 b/an expert on Anythng which iz good since I asked her if there was a basemnt & she explained there are no bsmnts in Fla.

2 bdrms, mdrn ktch w/lts of renovations, walk in pantry, stove island plus indoor grill next 2 the stove, 2,300 s.f., split level, surrounded by 5 acres of fenced in property in an area of many 5 acres tracts, very secluded,very pvt, neighbors are almost never home. Whitestone fireplace, slidng glass doors in Mstr bdrm and living room, ceramic tle, ceilng fans in all rms, vaulted ceilng, tract lghts in lvng rm.
She iz askng $135,000 . lvestck ready area, intrcom systm, nw porcelean sink, .

Well systm so no water bill! Dunkln Rd iz nrby. Brnd nw tank & pump. Lots of trees. Stucco, with Shingle roof, steel frme except for roof, fiberoptic lighting in pool, click a switch on the wall and the lighting becomes multicolorored, wall in back of pool has colorful painting of dolphins and fishes. $100/year road fee for helping to pave the roads. Good tasty Spring water from the well. ,2 bathrooms. She is willing to do this on a Lease with Option 2 Purchase: $135,000

12 month Lease with an Option 2 Puchase At $135,000 $1.250/month rent with $125.00 credited to your down payment in 12 months. Thats a $1,500 credit at the end of the year towards your downpayment.You have 12 months to get a mortgage and I can help anyone get that inside of a couple of months.

Ms. “X” is waiting for me to fax her an agreement. Fax(407)306-xxyz
What do you think?? Anyone intestested?

Can’t find street - Posted by Rosie_FL

Posted by Rosie_FL on November 29, 2000 at 11:04:05:

I don’t find anything like “Dunkln Rd” in the Orange County map book.

Sounds like you’re paying for the land.

Where’s the deal? What’s it worth?

Re: Fleshing Out The Fla. Deal - Posted by housebuyer

Posted by housebuyer on November 29, 2000 at 09:34:20:

Orlando is not in Citrus County. Orlando is on Orange County. Citrus County is about 50 miles from Orlando (via airplane) or 80 miles by automobile.

What specifically are you trying to do?

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Posted by Potash on November 29, 2000 at 09:32:41:

It is best to wait until you graduate from high school before 1 4morally gets in2 real est8 investment for 1self.

Re: Fleshing Out The Fla. Deal - Posted by Zane

Posted by Zane on November 29, 2000 at 10:29:52:

Ooooops! I got that 1 wrong. Thanks! I live in NYC and have never been to Fla. What made me contact this Seller is having relatives in S.C., a good buddy in Fla. and I may go there to visit him in a week or to. They told me they want something but they can’t afford this deal.
I want to assign a contract for a fee. The Seller and I have a good rapport and she is flexy. Thanks.