first Lonnie deal - Posted by Les

Posted by Allison(AZ) on April 28, 2001 at 11:26:02:

I would not think that age would be too much of a problem since it can stay in the park. Yes, $5,000.00 does seem like a lot. I bought a 1979 14 x 56 (2/1) fully furnished for $2,000.00 in a decent family park. I also bought a nice 1969 12 x 60 (2/1) for $2,500.00 in a very popular 55+ park. The 1979 needs a little bit of work so I am selling it as a “fixer-upper”. The 1969 needs the carpets cleaned. The value of the home, to me, depends on what needs to be done to it to sell it, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, what the market will bear where you live, the quality and desirabilty of the park the home is in, etc. In many cases it will also depend on the amount of rent for the lot in the park. We have some parks here in PHX that are so expensive. I have seen one lady trying to sell a doublewide. She started at $30,000.00. She just offered it to a friend of mine for $10,000.00 and he did not buy it! I am aware of another park in the NW PHX area where most of the people who are trying to sell thier homes end up “giving” them to the park for little or nothing. My friend Charlie and I looked at a home the other day in a nice four star family park. It was a 1980 (2 bedrooms and 1 3/4 bath). I do not remember the size of the home. A dealer is trying to “dump” the thing for $5,000.00. I’m sure Charlie will be able to pick up the thing for $3,500.00. Its a real nice home with all the appliances, etc. Well, I could go on, but I’ll suffice my ramblings to this.
Good luck on that first deal!
Allison Van Dussen

first Lonnie deal - Posted by Les

Posted by Les on April 28, 2001 at 10:36:32:

Hello all,
I believe I have the makings of my first Lonnie.
Couple have bought a home and are selling their 73 Nashua 12 X 65. It’s suppose to be in good condition. (will see today) No appliances, window a/c. Told it can stay in park. (need to verify)
My questions are 1. Is this a bit old? 2. They are asking $5000, seem like alot for a 28 year old home.
Thanks in advance of any input.


Re: first Lonnie deal - Posted by terryr

Posted by terryr on April 28, 2001 at 23:15:29:

on the surface this may seem high but what about putting an ad in the paper and seeing what interest you get in the home for $8500 - $900 down and $xxxxx per month - it doesn’t matter (realtively) what you pay for a house if you can double the price AND GET IT - we bough our first deal for $3000 and sold it two days later for $6500