First Lonnie Deal and a tip I learned. - Posted by Brian (MO)

Posted by Brian (MO) on December 18, 1998 at 17:26:08:

Well I finally did one.

I had gone to Lonnie’s Boot camp and loved it. However, I wasn’t going to really get started until January 99 but, I couldn’t resist this one.

It was a 1962 12x45 something.

It was it good condition, with central heat, fridge, stove, carport, outdoor BBQ with a main gas line hook up, solid roof and floors.

I had met the Manager earlier and told her what I did, so she was looking for me and gave me this tip.

When I first called the guy he said it had been sold. But, what he didn’t know was that the person who he thought he had sold it to wasn’t going to qualify to stay in the park.

Two days later he called me back and I went to see it. He wanted out bad and said he would take 2300. It was worth every dime and more but, with the holidays coming up I really didn’t want to deal with it so I told him "I know it’s worth every bit of 2300 but all I have is 1500. He said NO WAY!

Two weeks later the park manager was calling me about two more mobiles and happened to mention she recently talked to this guy with the 62 mobile home and he said that he was probably going to just “get it over with” and sell it to me. And he did, for only 1500!! + 100 I gave to the manager. I wish there was a way for us to post pictures, it was a cute little mobile home.

Anyway that day I put an ad in two papers saying "2 bed in nice park in St. Charles, Owner will finance, No Banks 000-000.

I was kind of nervous about it being so old. (Lonnie says to keep in the 70’s) but, I new if they would just come and see it they would see that it was worth 4700 (which was what I was asking).

So this is what I did. (my TIP) whenever someone called and asked what year it was I would say " You know, that’s a good question, I’m not sure, however, the last one I had was a 1975 and this one is a whole lot nicer than that one was, I’ll have to look on the title and let you know by the time you see it," and that seemed to do the trick everytime.

So get this, the first to guys I get to see this thing, offer cash! The first guy said 4350 but he didn’t call when he said he would twice to make arrangements (made me mad) so I took the second guys offer of 3700. I figured a bird in the hand, sort of thing.

And would you believe it, as soon as I do the deal and return to my office (because I was on my lunch break) the first guy calls to make arrangments. Oh well, maybe when I get back from my two weeks visiting family in CA I can find him one, if he hasn’t found one already.

And one more thing, the guy who sold me the title, just quickly signed off the back with his signature, the rest of the form was left blank.

I sold it so fast that I just let it flow from my hands to the next guy without putting my name on anything!

Hmmmm, to declare or not to declare… I probably should.

Thanks Lonnie for giving me the knowledge and the courage.

Your Friend,

Brian Topor