Finding Addresses??? - Posted by Michael(SC)

Posted by Jim on December 11, 1998 at 17:29:47:

As a P.I., I use the internet daily to “find” people. There are services you can pay for, and there are services that are free. Try the FREE route first. Try going to “The Ultimate” white pages on the internet. I’ll post the URL later in this note for you.
At the Ultimate you can input an address, and come up with a phone lisitng for that address. Since the address is probably vacant, the listing you get may be an old one. But, the name will come back, and now you have NEW info to work with.
Next, goto the other sections of the Ultimate, and input the name and town you think this person lives in.
just the name and state. You may have to call a few “John Smiths” before you find the right one, but chances are that you will find him eventually.
You can also use this technique to find e-mail addresses for people.
If someone has posted to a newsgroup, or signed up for any service online, you can bet your last dollar that they have been added to some data base or other.
Just look around, and “play” with the different search sites online, and eventually you’ll find that persons address and phone number…
You can E-mail me at: ,
and I will give you an address to which you can send your check to “locate” the person for you…LOL!
Good luck, and don’t be afraid to “Surf your way to information on the information super highway”.
Good luck,

Here is the URL for "The Ultimate white pages"

Finding Addresses??? - Posted by Michael(SC)

Posted by Michael(SC) on December 11, 1998 at 10:59:29:

Does anyone have any ideas on finding owners names and addresses of abandon properties off the internet.