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Posted by Ryan on December 15, 2000 at 24:06:02:

I would seriously consider looking for motivated sellers where I wouldn’t have to come out of pocket with anything! These kinds of deals require cash either from my account or from a lender. I am against that totally!

Find the sellers that will sell subject to and get yourself some “Free -Equity” Once you learn this, there’s no turning back.


financing - Posted by helena

Posted by helena on December 14, 2000 at 23:56:16:

My partner and i own one investment property with $30,000
equity.we have $55,000 deposit to purchase a $247,500 that
will be our place of partner 's income is wages
and an offer of $55,000 has been accepted for a franchise
which i will run .the plan was to organise an interest only
loan with the $55,000 in real estate as security .
well here’s the challenge – the present owner of franchise
has run the business at a loss for taxation purposes
i’ve approached finance brokers and lending institutions
no-one’s interested in lending because even though i have figures from company on expected income and expenses.
i’d love some input !!!
What can i do her ??
looking forward to some inspiration !!!
regards helena

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