Financing - Posted by David

Posted by Bruce Lawson on July 21, 2001 at 20:34:00:

Hi David,

Hard Money sounds like a way to obtain financing for your deals,seller carybacks to take care of the upfront money, and have your credit repaired and start getting the credit you deserve.

Search the archives and find Ed Garcia’s nine ways of dealing with bad credit, it is good information.

You can contact me for more information if you desire.


Bruce Lawson

Financing - Posted by David

Posted by David on July 21, 2001 at 18:22:08:

My wife and I are wanting to start investing in real estate.

However we have poor credit and little money to put down.

We live in Austin, texas where real estate values have come down and homes listing on the market have gone up. With the prime interest rates going down, and the present real estate market, we feel this is the time to really get involved.

This may sound grandiose, but we’d like to have as many as 50 rental properties within 2 years if at all possible.

But, due to the poor credit mentioned above, we’re finding it impossible to take advantage of the situation.

Is there anyone out there that is interested in a partnership/mentorship, or who is willing to just give some solid advice on how to proceed given our present circumstances?