FINALLY got Conseco on the phone and... - Posted by Dave Baker,(TN)

Posted by scott on August 14, 2002 at 21:37:17:

I got news for you, Conseco is no longer accepting low ball offers. I know because I have bought a alot of homes from them in the past and now they dont even call back when I call with a low-ball offer. There is no way they will take 3,500 even if the home is in average condition. I may be wrong but I doubt it. Good luck.

FINALLY got Conseco on the phone and… - Posted by Dave Baker,(TN)

Posted by Dave Baker,(TN) on August 14, 2002 at 20:25:27:

They have two wholesale repos in my area. I went and looked at both today. First, here’s how they listed them:


14X70 2 BEDS & 2 BATHS



14X70 2 BEDS & 2 BATHS


The 1981 model is totally trashed with large holes in the bedroom floor where it looks like they were in the beginning stages of floor replacement, trash scattered all over, old furniture,etc…Several other soft spots and who knows what else wrong…A real junk hole, although I could probably spend $1500 and some elbow grease and make it presentable. The only real good thing about it, is it has a like new power pole with box and a push lawn mower sitting outside. I am thinking about offering $200-$300 for it. From the location and condition, I doubt anyone bids a dime on it. The “A/C” is a small window unit that looks like it has seen better days.

The 1997 Giles 14X70 is really nice even if it is a 2 bedroom. It’s in a nice park that allows no Lonnies which is fine anyway…I don’t mess with Lonnie deals but an into the more infinite income…Rentals.I am considering making an offer on this. What would be a good offer for a 1997 14 wide, 2 bedroom single wide? It has underpinning, an integral fireplace and decent looking appliances. I think the only thing realy wrong with it is that it may need a coat of paint on the ceiling. Other than that it looks nearly new. Any ideas as to value or other considerations? I figure it will cost app $1500 or so to move and set it up on my own land. i am thinking of offering $3500 cash. Is that too little or two much based on what I have told you?

Any and all Opinions?

Dave Baker