FICO number - Posted by Cathryn

Posted by Cathryn on October 14, 1998 at 20:36:53:

I gather from what I’ve read on this board that a FICO rating indicates a person’s credit worthiness, with a higher rating being better. But how do you find out your own FICO?

Since I hate suprises,I recently ordered a copy of my own credit record from CSC. (A mistake—their computer menu said it would them five to six days to send it to me, but it was almost five weeks before I actually got it!) According to this document, I’ve been a good girl: no late payments, very low balances on the credit cards, no evictions or judgements or liens…but I couldn’t fnd any number that looked like that FICO rating.

Interestingly, I also showed a number of enquiries on the report, mostly for mortgage companies and telephone services. (These people really want my long distance business and to help me out by making me a home equity loan. Thanks, but no thanks.) However, these things are coded, according to the report, so that only I will see them…they won’t be included in a report given to any company that requests my credit rating. Thanks goodness for that at least.

So…Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, where is that FICO rating hiding? Any ideas?