FAQ owner finance - Posted by CEM

Posted by CEM on June 02, 2001 at 12:40:50:

Thanks for all of the gems of information that is shared on this site! I have searched archives to no avail looking for a FAQ sheet for sellers considering owner financing. Anybody have something like this to share, or maybe one of the experienced “wise ones” will jot something down? I am running into upper end homes that have been sitting for more than a year (vacant) that would be perfect owner carry property due to small mortgage balances, but have not found their “hot button” yet. Have found that that this type of “motivated seller” doesn’t quite know that they are :wink: - and maybe never will be. Anyone else have some experience in this market? Will be doing L/O’s and owner carries with these properties…I have one seller that wants to know “all the benefits” for his personal financial portfolio. (He doesn’t have a personal professional -does it all himself…) I have basic knowledge in this area, but am not astute in many aspects. Thanks for your help!