Experienced wholesalers - Posted by Jesse

Posted by Bill Jacobsen on September 12, 2008 at 19:21:44:

It is always the hardest when you are just getting started. You are not known in your local area yet as an investor.

First, determine what is keeping you from having one deal per week. Are you not finding the deals or are you not finding the investors to buy your deals?

What are you currently doing to find deals or investors? Are you doing enough of it?

I don’t think there are any tips or magic formulas. You just have to do old fashion work. Have you called all the for sale ads and for rent ads in your local papers? Have you looked at for sale by owner signs and called? Have you contacted people in foreclosure? Have you placed classified at ads saying that you buy houses? Have you made use of Craig’s List? Are you using bandit signs? Do you tell the people you know and meet about the business you are in and solict their help, consistenly?

I promise you that it gets easier afterwhile and referrals become the majority of your business.

Good Luck.


Experienced wholesalers - Posted by Jesse

Posted by Jesse on September 12, 2008 at 13:20:41:

I have just started to begin assigning some contracts. But I am falling far short of my goal to assign 1 deal per week or to at least get a new contract weekly. Is there any facet of advice that anyone can share to at least get me moving towards this goal. 1 deal per month is simply not enough. If there were one tip that could be given inconspicously to help me achieve my goals, I would greatly appreciate it.