Ed help with your app for loan. - Posted by Nick

Posted by Ed Garcia on March 18, 2004 at 09:37:48:


We?re not happy with our application and will be working on it.

Meanwhile it?s nice to have a pre-approval letter as a tool to convince RE Brokers that you are a qualified borrower, but it?s not mandatory.

Realtors make it sound mandatory because they are lazy and don?t want to waste their time showing houses to people who cannot buy them.

Be careful Nick, don?t let the Realtors control you and make you feel that they?re doing you a favor in doing business with you. Remember the ?Golden Rule? He who holds the gold, makes the rule. You?re the buyer, you?re in charge, look for motivated sellers, and don?t let the Realtors dictate to you. Chances are that the Realtors list of REO?s is easy to come by.

Nick, fill out the application the best you can. Someone from my office will call you and go over the information with you anyway so don?t worry about filling it out wrong.

We?ll get you your letter and give you some advice along with it.

Ed Garcia

Ed help with your app for loan. - Posted by Nick

Posted by Nick on March 17, 2004 at 12:37:22:

Ed I’m having a little trouble with your application for loans on this page. The reason that I am wanting to fill it out is because I’m hoping I can get a pre-approval letter so I can start making offers on reo’s. Where it says Mortgage on property and how long owned what should I put if it is an reo?

My Realtor keeps emailing me all these bank owned properties and I am forced to just sit here and do nothing because I can’t make any offers on them without a pre-approval letter.

Can you please help me Ed?

Nick Richardson