Dont want to give up and want to get started - Posted by Real Estate Newbie

Posted by Real estate newbie on June 27, 2001 at 07:41:45:

You are right we need to educate ourselves even though some formal education is not required.

Yes, I did buy the Alternative Financing course.

real estate newbie

Dont want to give up and want to get started - Posted by Real Estate Newbie

Posted by Real Estate Newbie on June 22, 2001 at 21:08:40:

I have read the Alternative Financing book once through. I have heard others say it is a good course. I found some interesting things in it. I think it is well written. But I am a newbie. Newbie-have not done a deal yet. I find this REI stuff fascinating. I like to see things through. I dont like to give up. But I am thinking maybe this course was not the one to start with. Maybe This course would be great if I had a little experience. I remember when I looked through Robert Shemin’s and Jack Cummings book they had like an action plan like they tell you what to do.

I am thinking after reading this course once I dont believe it tells me what to say when a seller calls. Or I am not feeling that it will get me started or has the right format to get me started. I am getting exposed.

Since the funds are not very high or I dont have a lot of money to play with. I was thinking about returning this course. Getting Ron LeGrand’s lease option course. I heard his lease option course covers subject-tos and wraps. Also has hotline support. I am also thinking of maybe returning the Alternative Financing course and get the ABCs of Subject-Tos as an alternative solution also. Right now it is not my intention to stock up courses without ever doing a deal and that is why I am strongly considering the Alternative Financing course.

I was wondering if I might end up finding the other courses I mentioned not detailed enough or not really being too different? Like it is not really going to be any more than the Alternative Financing course or any different really. I chose to get Alternative Financing course because i thought it was best for helping me get started with Subject-tos and wraps.

I really do want to get started with REI. One disadvantage I have is that in my area the REI club closed down a while ago. I have heard a lot of people got started with a REI club. I dont really have the money for a mentoring program.

I find this stuff interesting. I know of no other vehicle where one can learn quickly and earn between 6 to 7 figures annually. They dont have to have education and experience.

I was wondering what would be the best thing for me to do. I know it will do me no good to call it quits. It would be better for me to find an alternate solution or maybe just keep the course and hope for the best.

Any help would be appreciated.

Real estate newbie

Re: Dont want to give up and want to get started - Posted by BigArne(NV)

Posted by BigArne(NV) on June 23, 2001 at 22:51:59:

If I read you right, you want the best education for a beginner for the dollar invested. I would recommend that you find a program/course that gives you all the basics you need to get started, requires little or no capital out of pocket to get started, and offers a seminar that you can actually afford. If this sounds like what you want, I strongly recommend The ABC’s of Subject To. Everything from how to set up your office, what the cost to acquire your first home, to what to put on your signs is covered. You may get more volume of information from the LeGrand course, but you will get more specific, right down to the nuts and bolts information about buying subject to from ABC’s. They also have terrific accessory software and other helps. Whats more, I have been to the LeGrand seminars, Mentor programs and bought the courses. Your very best value for the dollar is the ABC’s of Subject To seminar, and those with a lot more of experience than I have say the same thing. Go to their web site and buy the course. You can put it to work immediately with minimal cash outlay. Then go to the seminar. You will not be dissapointed.

Best of luck.

Re: Dont want to give up and want to get started - Posted by KT(PA)

Posted by KT(PA) on June 23, 2001 at 16:51:02:

Still a newbie myself but my advice would be to read, read and read. The answers are there. I have bought alternative re financing I love it! I know what you mean it doesnt go step by step what you should do, but try reading the how to articles on this site. Just dont let yourself stop you that is a problem I had to overcome and still working on it. Good luck!

Re: Dont want to give up and want to get started - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on June 23, 2001 at 15:10:49:

Dear RE newbie,
Well, After reading your post, I have to admit, I am a bit confused.
Did you already buy the course by Bronchick?
If you did, keep it, it is a good course.
You want more, great, get them!
Having several courses is a good thing. I have a few myself, and they all offer something different, even it is just a different point of view.
There is one thing that you said which I find to be WRONG though. You said; “They dont have to have education and experience”.
Education is VITAL to this business. How can you expect to make ANY deals at all if you are educated on “How?” to structure them.
For me personally, and many others here as well, education is on going. I am here everyday reading, posting, and out on the world doing deals daily. This means I learn something new every day, and try to keep it that way.
I buy books, courses often and read them through several times, and I often use them as reference when needed.
I have an entire closet shelf devoted to my course material and books, all on REI.
So, if Bronchicks course was not enough to help you “Get out there and do”, then get another one.
But keep Bill’s course, you will learn from it, and use it eventually.

Good luck, and keep studying,
Jim IL

Re: Dont want to give up - Posted by Kent Cheatham

Posted by Kent Cheatham on June 22, 2001 at 22:25:19:

Dont give up.
Find a personal mentor. Whether online, on this list or in (gasp) the real world…grin. You need to talk to other local investors to find one who likes you. Perhaps even calling every realtor in town and ask, casually, if there are any investors in their midst or if they can put you in touch with an investor. They will do this in hopes you will come to them someday with deals. Form a set of perhaps 3 questions for each candidate. Give the SAME questions to each and judge their response. You want to test their friendliness, savvy and integrity (don’t become a pawn for the unscrupulous to sell their high priced deals to).

As far as courses, I have only seen the Carlton Sheets course. It is very well presented from a newbies eyes and he strikes me as a very down to earth, honest kind of approach (and person…he would be nice to meet).

I would stay away form L/O type dealings on a very first deal. They take a bit more finesse so as not to confuse (or frighten) the seller. Carletons approach is very casual and matter of fact.

If you want more info on the different courses, see the Group 2 “carleton Group” message board. It addresses all the courses sold here. But wear your flak jacket. It seems a bit too barbaric to me. Everyone is ripping everyone elses course.

The line of questioning on THIS list is much more mature. Questions are pointed and so are answers, toward specifics. And I see more helping souls on this list than the other. You can just about hear the chairs crashing over there.


Re: Dont want to give up and want to get started - Posted by Real estate newbie

Posted by Real estate newbie on June 26, 2001 at 15:28:58:

Thanks for the advice, BigArne:-) Sounds like you have done everything from Ron LeGrand.

Sounds like I should definately buy the ABCs of Subject-to course. Thanks for the advice.

Real estate newbie