Doing Lease Options? "Please Read" - Posted by Lawman

Posted by chris on December 23, 2000 at 19:15:55:

That foreclosure consultants link has been posted before and it is California specific and it doesn’t pertain only to lease options. Be sure to read Civil Code 1695 below also. Check your own states statutes for similar-many states don’t have these laws. Bill Gatten has a workaround posted on his site when using the PACTrust with pre-foreclosures in California if interested.

SECTION 1695-1695.17

SECTION 2945-2945.11

Doing Lease Options? “Please Read” - Posted by Lawman

Posted by Lawman on December 23, 2000 at 18:58:01:

Lease Options are very dangerous especially when dealing with pre-foreclosure property owners. The following is a site that should be visited by anyone considering or currently doing Lease Options:

The Lawman

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Posted by JasonTX on December 24, 2000 at 08:53:12:

Article that I linked to spoke about foreclosure consultant laws in California.