Documents - Posted by dede

Posted by dede on July 07, 2003 at 03:29:24:

Thanks Ed, but I had found it before I made the post. It truly is a good document to have in one’s arsenal of documents.


Documents - Posted by dede

Posted by dede on July 06, 2003 at 08:45:18:

Hello everyone!!

I’m so excited about the information that I’ve been learning from this board, until my family is starting to lead me to log onto this board daily (I get a little edgy when I don’t) :-))) Anyway, while reading the board on yesterday, I saw a posting that talked about the “Best darn document” written by Joe K. Immediately I tried to look it up under the log-in screen (main), and was unable to obtain it. Then I came to the very bottom of this screen of the main board and plugged it in, and there it was!! I read it, and reread it. Boy was that a wonderful thing. Also, I now know how to search the site better. I just wanted to thank everyone and especially the “vets” for the tremendous help on this site. You’ve given me a lot of hope that I can truly do this!! I don’t want to be overly cautious in this endeavor though, and stalemate out for years and years. I’m going to try to look at at least 20 houses, and start making some offers. It’s a total leap of faith, but I’ve read on this board that the hardest home buy will be my “first” one. I have to get it out of the way, but as Ron pointed out, “not blindly”.

With all this good information, I’ll probably never know it all. Then I read today where a complete newbie stumbled into a deal, WOW!! It’s truly amazing, below are some goals for the upcoming week, tell me what you think.

Sunday (today)- Call at least 5 homes to set up appts to view. Start on posters to put up.

Monday- Log-in to CRE for 1hr, then call 5 more sellers. Put up at least 10 posters.

Tuesday- " ", View at least 2 homes (lunch hour or after work), call 5 more sellers. Put up at least 10 posters.

Wed- " ", view 1 home, call 5 more sellers. (hectic day for me)

Thurs- " ", start on the direct mailings, finish up my paperwork with HML, and confirm with crew that I’m birddogging for as to their specifics (narrow it down, make sure funding is in place)**May do this earlier in the week.

Fri- " ", finish up direct mailings (get stamps, etc.), send in HML paperwork, view 5 homes, put in a newspaper ad for potential buyers (early am), follow-up on offers submitted.

Sat- " ", send out direct mailings, put up 20 posters, follow-up on offers submitted, view 5 homes, and call it a day.

Sun- " ", RE Educational Reading and Research.

**I hope I can do all this. But I’ve got to start somewhere, and I know I’m more “visually-oriented” so this will help me out in acutually performing it. Sorry so long.


Re: Secret document location - Posted by Ed Copp

Posted by Ed Copp on July 06, 2003 at 10:36:33:

Go to the “how to articles” on this site, and scroll down about 22 articles. This is the secret place, to find the document.

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Posted by dede on July 06, 2003 at 08:51:20:

Oops, I meant that I searched the archives of the particular discussion group that I was logged into to find the document. Sorry about that.