do US institution buyers buy Canadian notes? - Posted by Wilfred

Posted by Wilfred on August 28, 2003 at 07:02:02:

I am from Canada, and I am very interested in learning and doing the notes business. My questions are:

  1. does US institutional buyers buy notes from Canada?
  2. Any Canadian institutional note buyers?
  3. is it possible to buy and sell US notes remotely while I am in Canada?
  4. Jon, is your course ‘profit in discounted notes’ useful for the Canadian market?
  5. John, what are some ways that I can invest in notes without my own money? I remember you mention this in other newsgroup before… I know i can start as a note broker without my own money (besides marketing cost), but I am more interested in investing in notes to get the cash flow with non of my money, just like those guys doing creative real estate… is there ways to invest in notes ‘nothing down’ and earn upfront cash?

thanks a lot!