? Do realtors really need to eat on no down deals - Posted by JDenney

Posted by Soapymac on November 21, 1998 at 18:58:15:

many posts in the past…heck, even Sheet’s course…recommend that you deal with the listing broker.

There’s a couple of dynamics here that may be the stumbling block.

As the BUYER, the fewer the number of people involved in the transaction, the better. If you deal with the seller’s broker only, the internal split is of no importance to you OTHER THAN how much you can put on “paper” for ther commission. While the BROKER may want his in cash, THE LISTING AGENT/BROKER may take his in a note…as long as the note provides a steady income stream until it is paid off. If a BROKERAGE gets both sides of the sale (listing and selling) you could work something there.

At least, your possibilities are greater than having your own agent represent you.

My 2 cents.


? Do realtors really need to eat on no down deals - Posted by JDenney

Posted by JDenney on November 19, 1998 at 18:12:00:

I,m sure someone has the solution or experience with this one.
I am actively seeking lease option deals with little up front money involved,from FSBO’s…but…
it seems there would be a large number of potential deals listed with realtors if the realtors fee was not involved.
I know I may be able to have selling realtor take note for his commision but there is still the LISTING BROKER,LISTING AGENT and SELLING BROKER to deal with.(whats the chance of all 4 saying OK to a note)
Is there a solution or is dealing with realtors on no down lease /options not worth the trouble.
Any comments appreciated.