demand for closing - Posted by KP

Posted by John Merchant on September 23, 2002 at 14:55:42:

Well, although you’ve left OUT more info than you included, if you’ve contracted to sell for certain price and terms, and all that has been agreed to and met and complied with by the buyer…you’ve got a legally enforceable obligation to proceed to sell as agreed…and you’re going to get hit with a damage suit or suit to enforce the contract and with a judgment requiring you to do so, and for you to pay attorneys’ fees and court costs if you don’t.

If all your terms have NOT been met or complied with by the buyer, then maybe you have a legal out…but you’d better be consulting with an attorney and hiring him/her to represent you in the lawsuit if you’re not going to close, as demanded.

demand for closing - Posted by KP

Posted by KP on September 23, 2002 at 09:49:05:

I am currently selling a house and the buyers attny has issued a demand for closing, what is that and do i have any defense… thanks kp