DC-Baltimore BLAST - Posted by Charles

Posted by Charles on June 28, 1999 at 24:05:48:

This weekend was the single most powerful REI weekend I have ever had!!! Wright Thurston, Ron Legrand, and Jeff Taylor just to name a few all took the time to grace us with thier insight and wisdom of REI.
Ron, was here with his boot camp(I did not go), however he did spend some time with us and W. Thurston. I will go to his work shop and see him again, I would tell any, and everyone to see him. They all were GREAT!!!
I wanted to be there all three days but with my son in tow(remember my post “More Than Anything”) I could not. My son is doing well today, he still has follow-up visits, however as of the begining of June he is no longer on his heart and respitory monitor.
I’ll see ya’ll on a cruise or at a bootcamp soon.