CS Program - Personal Instruction - Posted by Tanya

Posted by Suzie on June 21, 2001 at 17:34:59:

So you are in the programm? How is it, are you learning much? Does it pay off? I am thinking about getting involved full-time with it, but I have bad credit now. Do you think I have a chance with my first purchase. Confused & in need of guidance.

CS Program - Personal Instruction - Posted by Tanya

Posted by Tanya on June 21, 2001 at 14:57:37:

Just got a call today and spoke with a rep about 45 minutes on a pilot program that CS offers. Supposedly it is personal coaching for 7 months which basically boils down to holding your hand through your first investment decisions. I’m a hands-on person, and can learn from example. It scares me to death to think I would try to buy investment real estate without any help. The ironic thing is… I’ve worked in real estate companies since getting out of high school. I did not pursue the selling side, but yet the management side. It just seems like there is so much information that you need to know. But, of course, there is an extensive cost to being in this program. Should I invest in this additional expense or would I be better doing it on my own… has anyone done this?

Re: CS Program - Personal Instruction - Posted by Brian

Posted by Brian on June 21, 2001 at 15:17:05:

I am in the middle of my coaching program and i am learning things that are not in the as seen on TV “Down payment Program” more details of the no down payment techniques. There are eight coaching sessions (one per week for eight weeks and then from the beginning for seven months you have access to the "coaching staff during the week to call and ask questions to. This course will pay for itself fast if you use it and you are determined.