CS??? - Posted by Danielle and Eric

Posted by asdf on December 12, 2000 at 15:27:11:

What is interesting is that in Sheets’ purchase contract examples he has filled in you will see in his addendum that he has subject to written in, yet he never explains the concept. Sheets likes to assume mortgages with the lenders approval. LeGrand would be one who likes to do subject to transactions without formal assumption.

Subject to means the sellers mortgage remains and you come in and take over the payments-without the lender’s knowledge usually so that the Due on Sale is not triggered. Bronchick has courses explaining contract legalities such as subject to(Nuts and Bolts course). You can order it on CREOnline.

CS??? - Posted by Danielle and Eric

Posted by Danielle and Eric on December 07, 2000 at 13:09:25:

My wife and I all ready have read the CS course and like the material but there was nothing in the course about Subject to contracting. Can some one please explain a little bit about subject to contracting? My wife and I are very eager to start our RE biz but there are still questions to be asked. And if there are any books or courses please suggest. We?re newbies but we also can?t wait to be in the lifestyle of RE investor?s. Thanks in advance?

Eric and Danielle