Creating Notes/Discount Mortgages - Posted by Charlie (FLA)

Posted by MN~Chicago on December 28, 1998 at 22:13:03:


Do yourself a favor. Buy John’s 5 day
video course. You are a prime candidate,
given what you are asking.

I am in the midst of watching the last
tape, and I can hardly believe how much
valuable information John imparts on notes,
and WHY you can accomplish so much more
using them.


Creating Notes/Discount Mortgages - Posted by Charlie (FLA)

Posted by Charlie (FLA) on December 25, 1998 at 08:31:16:


I recently have entered this forum to try to discover new routes to take in real estate investing. I own some rental properties. My primary concern is to aquire an alternative
source of income. I am trying to evaluate whether to continue to utilize a buy, hold and rent stradegy.The next segment of goal is to sell and hold note at time of retirement.

The question I am seeking an answer to is does creating paper/notes offer a higher yield on your investment, as opposed to traditional buy/hold. Also, what form of tax
liability will I incur? ( Ordinary Income )

I would appreciate any assistance or information on directions to undertake.

Thank You Kindly,