Courthouse Tips- What valuable info. can I find? - Posted by L(NYC)

Posted by Zee, a Newbie ¶ on August 29, 2000 at 03:21:18:

I think you question is too broad or unfocused to bring more responses. It begs the reply: “What do you want to know?”

Even me, a beginner who has looked into records at the courthouse, has difficulty imparting my limited knowledge.

So far, I can tell you:

In the Tax Assessors Office:

*Name and address of owner, *limited description of the property (lot size and building square footage, type,size, # of rooms, etc.) *property identity (Map, Book, Plot) helpful in looking up other imformation elseware, *yearly taxes, *school district

In Recorder of Deeds:

Use the identifier (Map, Book Plan) to locate the property, *Obtain the Deed on computer or dusty old book, *learn owner and how title is held, *identify mortgage lienholder, *beginning point for title search


See Writs describing the legal action against a property owner for default judgements that have landed the property into a Sheriff’s sale. Gives a listing of most (not all) liens, taxes, fees against a property, banks and attorney involved as REO owner and representative. (You can talk to these to ask their determination to get rid of this property and how much they must have out of it)

Maybe Prothonatary:

Ask how do you file an eviction notice? Get information about where/how these such notices are kept on public record. You can look up “tired landlords” and later contact these to see if they want to sell.

And that’s all I know about that.

Courthouse Tips- What valuable info. can I find? - Posted by L(NYC)

Posted by L(NYC) on August 28, 2000 at 09:01:06:

Today I will venture off to the courts to find some info on properties, I would like to get any suggestions for any departments I should visit and maybe what type of inoformation I should be asking for or trying to retrieve, I guess some tips on more direct information would be helpful. I will be looking through my studies to find inof as well. I also would like to know when it comes to mgmt. companies other then vacancy rates in an area, what other valuable information can I get from this resource? Any advice would be appreciated, Im finally taking the studies to the real world, looking forward to it.