Costa Rica = $$$ - Posted by MJ

Posted by Christophe Attard on April 02, 2006 at 20:10:46:

I visited the country last November and bought a pre construction condo on the beach. My cash on cash return is close ot 300% in 3 months and I am looking to partner with someone else to buy land over there…
So, yes, Costa rica is a very good place to invest :wink:

Costa Rica = $$$ - Posted by MJ

Posted by MJ on April 28, 2005 at 13:29:03:

I have done extensive research on Costa Rica…I have found what seems to be legitimate deals and good opportunity. I have also found fly by night telemarketing companies that are “scamming”. I have decided to fly down to Costa Rica in early June to check things out for myself.

Has anybody done any research on this or know of any valid resources in Costa Rica?

Thanks again for everyones help.


Re: Costa Rica = $$$ - Posted by TDD

Posted by TDD on April 28, 2005 at 16:10:19:

Very fine,inexpensive cosmetic surgery and dental implants in Costa Rica but the time to find good real estate deals there is long gone. Prices have escalated tremendously in the past several years.

Re: Costa Rica = $$$ - Posted by James

Posted by James on April 28, 2005 at 16:56:12:

I was there in December and yes the prices are way up from a few years ago but I myself believe there is still upside potential. Specifically, I am looking at the pacific coast near Liberia since that is now an international airport and you don’t have to get through the mess in San Jose. The Liberia airport is like 20 min from the water. I am not in the position to do it yet as I don’t have piles of cash sitting around and I don’t think financing is realistic down there. If I had the cash I’d buy a condo or something down there and try to rent it for part of the year and vacation there for a week or two each year. Provided it does not get wiped out by a tsunami or a hurricane my guess is it would appreciate nicely.

Costa Rica is an always-growing location to invest in Real Estate! Tourism flows in and out non-stop and many visitors end up staying for good. It is for sure a safe bet. [Stay In Tamarindo] Check us out! (

I think it depends on the type of investment. Buy-to-let / renting a property out as a holiday home or even AirBnB is probably a very profitable option. We have to factor in how Covid affects tourism nowadays.

I would also suggest: Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo & Luxury Villas Hacienda Pinilla !! Costa Rica is blooming again quickly after Covid, becoming a #1 touristic destination, opportunities abound

And they didn’t allow me to post this all together so here it goes separately: Luxury Villas in Costa Rica for a wider range of alternatives on luxurious home to invest in.