Corporation? - Posted by Grayl

Posted by Charles K. Clarkson (TX) on July 08, 2001 at 15:32:48:

You should really talk to a CPA or a lawyer. I chose to form a corporation before investing. I would think most people don’t. My CPA gave a very informative lesson on the various forms of business as part of his free introductory hour. You may not need a corporation. A CPA, especially one who knows creative REI, might be your best source of information.

Charles K. Clarkson
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Now I see some of those same folks, old and tired,
working part-time jobs to supplement their ‘retirement’.
I chose to pay for my education early in life,
and these folks chose to pay for theirs when they got old.

  • Lonnie Scruggs

Corporation? - Posted by Grayl

Posted by Grayl on July 07, 2001 at 20:57:07:

2 to 3 years ago I purchased a ready made Nv. Corp, but I never did anything with it or conducted any business thru it. My acct. just filed a 0 tax return the 1st year. since then I haven’t done anything with it, no returns or anything. Is it null & viod or can I bring it to life again. I plead total ignorance. A stock market guru sold me on the idea at a seminar.I’ve been studying RE & want to get involved with L/O
Thank you in advance, Grayl