copy of title for util. on net lease/opt?... - Posted by Debra-SC

Posted by TeddyB_SC on December 09, 2000 at 01:40:37:

Debra, I would think that all you need is a copy of the title with the seller’s name on it, and a copy of your lease option. In SC a MH’s title is actually from the Department of Motor Vehicle’s (hence mobile home) and looks exactly like a vehicle title.

copy of title for util. on net lease/opt?.. - Posted by Debra-SC

Posted by Debra-SC on December 04, 2000 at 15:19:33:

I am finishing up my first mobile deal. Took over payments for a nice 16 x 70 and net lease with opt to a young couple who were burned out of their home. We are about to move the MH to the new park (seller says it must leave present location). When I went to get the moving permit, they asked for a copy of title. I told them I was leasing with opt. they asked for agreement(s), made a copy of them and told me to get the copy of title from lender ASAP. Talked to my seller and they said no problem, that they would send for it today.

Question - does the title need to have my name on it? My buyer was anxious and went down to the courthouse, (which is in the next town 10 minutes away) to get the little yellow decal for clearance to hook up utilities and they said there was no record of a title with my name on it, so she can’t connect utilities. Is there something I should other than get the seller to get the title sent to the courhouse? Will my name be put on the title even though I haven’t bought it yet? I need to know before we move this thing. I’m a little worried.

Need help - thanks!