CONTRACTS - Posted by ERic Fl

Posted by phil fernandez on November 11, 2000 at 08:53:29:

Hi John,

LOL. Got off the island before I’d have to wait till January to get off via the ice. Its kinda tricky to walk on top of the water in November and December to the mainland.

See you at the convention.


CONTRACTS - Posted by ERic Fl

Posted by ERic Fl on November 10, 2000 at 07:14:14:

Ok, we understand making one offer with a contract but how do you make multiple offers on a house. Can you do this with one contract or does a contract have to be written with each offer?

Thanks just a little puzzled!

Eric and Danielle

Re: CONTRACTS - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on November 10, 2000 at 16:16:49:

Eric and Danielle,
When you make an offer to purchase a home it needs to be in writing.
The most common way to accomplish this is by writing up a “Purchase and sale agreement”. (Some use letters of intent first, but eventually you will need to write up a contract.)
Since you would be submitting several offers to purchase, you need a seperate agreement for each.
Along with that, a letter explaining each may be in order, as well as a statement in that letter stating that each offer stands alone.
Talk to the sellers and present your offers verbally as well. Explain everything thoroughly, and listen to the sellers.
Answer all there concerns and questions without hesitation. You want to be very confident when talking to them.
Sellers are like dogs, they can smell fear and uncertainty.

You will not mix and match the clauses in these offers.
offer one: ALL CASH, LOW PRICE
offer two: Higher price, great terms.
The seller then comes to you and wants higher price and all cash.
No deal.
So, make sure the seller knows this and go for it.
I personally do not do the Multiple offer strategy very often.
I try to determine the sellers needs and then structure one offer that meets them while getting me what I need from the deal.
This targeted approach seems to work for me.
Then again, I also talk to the sellers quite a bit before making an offer.
If you have limited contact with the seller and are having a difficult time determining there needs, and motivation, then a multiple offer strategy may work out.
Make sure all offers work for you, and do not get attached to the outcome.
Then the seller can pick the offer that works for them.
If they do, you have a deal, and if not…NEXT!!

Good luck,
Jim IL

You’re all on report! - Posted by Agatha

Posted by Agatha on November 10, 2000 at 17:47:24:

Oh Yeah Jim!

Just let the (B.B.B.) Better Business Beaureu find out about this type of tactic scheme. I have a guy right now trying to buy my house that I have worked hard for for over 30 years! He seems to be one of your gang.

You schemers are always in different towns at different times of the year aren’t you? This guy slipped up and revealed this web site to me and now I got you all!

I wonder if the (F.B.I.) has gotten wind of this underground web site for schemers?

I’m reporting this guy that wants me to deed him my house as well as all you others too!

30 YRS & ONLY 1 HOUSE, NOW YOU WILL… - Posted by Akbar Aly

Posted by Akbar Aly on November 11, 2000 at 21:04:10:

learn how you might have had 30 houses in 1 year, this DUMB (who ever you are, you know what I mean, Done Umteen Money Bagging) fellow who is trying to BUY!!! (not STEAL) your house let the cat out the bag, by letting it slip about this site. Oh me Oh my.

The FBI (Father, Brother & I) are following this site very closely, and any SCHEME!! (not spelled SCAM)that we find that we can hone our Creative Skills, we report to our superiors immediately and take action on it. We let this Schemers carry on with their Notorious (All possibaly qualified Notary Publics)activities so that we can bag more and more points for our selves.

Oh! and I am sure that some of the smart and cleaver Agents of the OTHER FBI, who may be monitoring this site must also be doing the same as us and filling their coffers with the employment and deployment of LEGAL CREATIVE REAL ESTATE SCHEMES, as is their right to pursuit of Happiness (Legal Money makes me and many happy and sleep better at night) Only in America, God Bless America.

You sound like the reverse of Agatha Christi!!!

WAKE UP!!! This site has’nt closed down by any agency in YEARS (three that I can remeber, correct me guys)and that only goes to say something!!!. The only thing that is closed is your Eyes, your ears and you might as well close your mouth. Two out of three is not bad, but three out of three is better!

Hang on to your 30 years (WOW) of your hard work, and put in another 30 so you can have a second house.

BTW (which means By the Way) I would personally like to give a “MEDAL FOR TRYING”, to this ONE OF OUR GANG MEMBER, so please let him know.

Also you are Welcome to become one of our GANG MEMBERS so that you can also go out and get someone’s 30 years of hard work for maybe NOTHING, who other wise would lose it all! Thought I would give it a try, but I am sure you have better thing to do…,

Good Day,

Akbar Aly

PS: To All you GANGSTERS, sorry!, I got a little carried away!, Boy the juices were flowing in the wrong direction.

Now I am curious… - Posted by KennS

Posted by KennS on November 11, 2000 at 11:31:17:

I was wondering if this was a joke or not.
If not, I would be very interested to here what this schemer tried to do?
If he did anything unethical or illegal, I would love to know about it.
I do not like schemers either.

If you have been frauded, I would call the police. The BBB is not going to arrest this person.

  • Kenn

PS. 95% of the methods listed here are legal and ethical. If we are schemers, then pretty much all of the real estate attornies, tax accountants, zoning committees, law enforcement, US & local government, title companies, appraisers, landlords, commercial builders, financing companies, brokers, tenants, buyers (and many more) are all part of the conspiracy.

WHAT IN THE WORLD WILL… - Posted by Paul

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LOL I’m Starting To Shake And Sweat nt. - Posted by phil fernandez

Posted by phil fernandez on November 10, 2000 at 20:31:53:


Re: You’re all on report! - Posted by JohnBoy

Posted by JohnBoy on November 10, 2000 at 18:07:43:

That’s good question! I wonder if the FBI knows too???

Tell you what, why don’t you contact them, then we can educate them on how this stuff works too!

So what do you think they will say when you tell them someone wanted you to deed your house to them, which I assume you were wanting to sell in the first place???

What do you suppose they will say? Well, um, lady, were you selling your house? Yes. Well, um, it’s pretty customary that the seller gives the buyer a deed to the property when they are buying it, you know!

The guy “slipped up” when he gave you this web site, huh? That’s funny! What kind of an underground web site would be open to the world to browse and be listed with all the popular search engines so everyone can find it??? Hello!

Hey, I know, maybe you can get Jim IL to arrest himself? He was a cop too, you know!

Hey Jim, are you breaking the law? Are you what is referred to as being one of them there, bad cops? LOL

Re: LOL I’m Starting To Shake And Sweat nt. - Posted by JohnBoy

Posted by JohnBoy on November 11, 2000 at 01:25:36:

Now Phil, calm down. If you shake, you will scare all the fish away and if you sweat to much you’re going to have to leave the lake and go for another beer run! :wink:

Drat! They’ve found us - Posted by B.L.Renfrow

Posted by B.L.Renfrow on November 10, 2000 at 19:30:22:

Doggone it…I was hoping to scam a few more naive sellers before THE MAN figured out what we’re up to with this stuff. Just this week two sellers have begged me to take their deed, but knowing that was illegal, I couldn’t, in good conscious, accept.

Can’t believe they didn’t keep this web site hidden better…

Brian (NY)