Conseco questions...they actually called! - Posted by Philip

Posted by Alan - Atlanta on February 11, 2003 at 02:09:32:

Check with the PM. The PM maybe trying to sale also. The PM may want the rent paid…

Good Luck


Conseco questions…they actually called! - Posted by Philip

Posted by Philip on February 07, 2003 at 18:43:49:

HOw does a regional man for Conseco let you inspect the homes?
I have 2 in my area, and Conseco has called me back and said, “since Chapter 11 we are protected from paying back lot rent, but call me back and maybe we can work out a deal on these homes”.

How do I get to look at them? Who has the keys?
Will they eat the back rent even though they can’t lose the home in a judgement?
Will they adjust for repairs?
Should I just leave these homes sitting?

Thanks for valuable experience,