confusion reigns - Posted by Dave Fl.

Posted by Erro on March 24, 2005 at 11:53:31:

Hi Dave

Do you mean it is a Wind Zone 1? I was looking at a 1996 DW that the bank told me was a WZ1 but then I called the manufacture and they told me that it was a WZ2 home. Maybe you should try contacting the manufacturer. You will need the SN of the home when you call them, at least thats what they asked me for when I called. Hope this helps


confusion reigns - Posted by Dave Fl.

Posted by Dave Fl. on March 24, 2005 at 09:59:47:

Can anyone tell me how a 2003, 28x66, WIND ZONE 3, got permited and sited in Lake Wales Fl. I was under the impression that only WZ 2 and 3 could be sited anywhere in Fl.
Dave Fl.

Re: confusion reigns - Posted by KarenB(FL)

Posted by KarenB(FL) on March 31, 2005 at 15:50:11:


E-mail me about what you are doing with MH’s in the Lake Wales area. I have a small family park there, and 17 empty lots (Thank you Hurricanes) I am an RE invesotr friendly PM though!!! Karen

sure you meant WZI… - Posted by Greg Meade

Posted by Greg Meade on March 24, 2005 at 17:39:17:

and i don’t know…only 2’s allowed in polk county.