College degree or financial independence? - Posted by Lemord Threats

Posted by Michael on July 23, 2001 at 13:50:43:

Hello, LT. First, a very interesting question you pose. I’m sure there are as many answers as there are respondees. I don’t want to suck up bandwidth here, so my short answer is, also, why not both?
If you care to, email me for my in depth two cents on the matter. I pondered that very same question years ago. Good luck to you both!

College degree or financial independence? - Posted by Lemord Threats

Posted by Lemord Threats on July 23, 2001 at 12:55:03:

Hi, right now, I am about to make the decision of my life.
For the past ten years, I have been saving up my money so
that I could achieve my life long dream- to achieve a
college education/degree so that I could make more money.
Also, I am from the backwoods of Kentucky, and getting a
degree would mean a lot to me. I already have an Associates
of Arts degree, and in the next two years I can finish up
my bachelors degree in Finance or Accounting and then
make some decent money. Right now, my wife and I are
thinking about just going gung ho and pursuing our other
dream- financial independence. What do you guys think we
should do, first finish up my degree and then go for financial independence? Or should we just say “dam the
torpedos” and go for financial independence?

Re: College degree or financial independence? - Posted by Larry(MO)

Posted by Larry(MO) on July 24, 2001 at 09:52:36:

Go for the independence. A significant amount of the wealthiest people in our country have opted out of college. Can we say restrictive thinking! The educational system teaches us how to get a job instead of creating one(quoting kiyosaki). You are taught to think within structured avenues by people who live relatively patterned lives.

The most stimulating classes in college to me were the electives simply because they were designed to promote creativity.

I am also from a financially opressed town in MO.

Jobs are only going to pay so much here regardless
of education. I know people with B.A.s and B.S.s
bringing home 240.00 to 300.00 a week.

I have been in music fulltime since 1985. I travel and do church concerts and also am a session guitarist.

although i do very well i realize that unless im holding a guitar i dont get paid which is the reason i am here.

2 years ago i bought my first property. i will be closing on 3 more this week which will make me 13.
Each one has a cashflow of at least 100.00 a month even tho these are in the 15000 to 30000 range(properties are cheap here)but like i said so are wages. My goal right now is 50 properties which i can see looming in the distance.

My travel time has limited my investing but it is happening.
I am on my way to becoming independant!!

I say go for your dream!!(sorry so long)

Larry Carter