Chicken Wire?

I was working on a broken water line in one of my trailers that I had not previously worked under. Old repairs were made, needless to say the previous owner used literally every type of plumbing material possible… including clear tubing… all in a section less than 4 feet long. Brass fittings, flex pipe like you use for gas water heaters, poly gray pipe, pex, pvc, cpvc, galvanized and lastly, the clear tubing (for the pressure release valve drain line). I bought this trailer about a year ago on land but never did any work in it. It came with a tenant and I just wanted the land it was on so I did not concern myself too much with the home.

So anyways, back to the “chicken wire” title of this post.

This I had never seen before. Where these wonderfully creative plumbing repairs had been accessed from under the home, the previous owner installed new, rolled insulation (credit for that), plastic vapor barrier as an underbelly (loosely fitting so water could drain if necessary) and secured it all up with … get this… chicken wire.

It gave me pause to think. It did hold up pretty darn well, might keep some cats out although any possum or other hardy crawler can go through chicken wire it might persuade them to go elsewhere.

Anyway just wondering if anyone else has seen this. It was unique in my experience and somewhat interesting in a creative sort of way.