Check my Numbers, Please, (LONG) - Posted by Lee Ramey

Posted by Chuck (AZ) on July 29, 2001 at 12:43:53:


(Hey, your right… what more is there to say?)


The current condition of the park IS the issue… and the seller’s idea of it’s “worth” may not match yours (rarely does).

YOUR job is to make him see things in YOUR light… meaning that this could be a good deal for you both if he’s realistic.

Otherwise, it’ll still be there in 6 months… and so will he.

Check my Numbers, Please, (LONG) - Posted by Lee Ramey

Posted by Lee Ramey on July 28, 2001 at 16:43:49:

I 'm just about to make an offer,

30 year old park in bad condition
10 Acre total about 5 being used, the rest won’t perc out, I’ve been told.
Not much chance of connection to sewer ant time soon, (but only a half mile away)(I do have a brother -in -law whose business that lays pipe for municipalitys, possible business partner)

23 pads on the ground now, most two to a septic system.
I’ve talked with the county enviromental department, the existing sites are grand fathered, but all new park sites have to be at least 15,000 square feet if on a septic system(Not a Typo)
I ve been told that at least 3 systems need to be repaired or only one trailer per. In a county that is not that strict toward mobile homes .

Site that are rented go for $95, and the one DW space fetches 135. Each has seperate gas and water meters, all that is provided at the moment is a dumpster at the end of the street. there is a fenced in pool with out the liner at the top of the hill would take approx 3 thousand to get going again. Parks in this area bring $75 for the low end to 125 for the only 3 star park (under priced in my opinion)
His current gross is about 1200.00 dollars, his expenses are about 400, he didn’t know for sure when I talked to him. (I don’t how much he is paying his son to come in and bush-hog the lots and field, I would guess at least 200 )

His middle son who run the park a few years ago gave me a 2 hour tour.
15 trailers come with it two are rented one for 300 and one for 200 (MH’s total worth 4 thousand) 7 other lots are rented. 7 of the trailers are in such bad shape that I am figuring costs to get them removed, they are too bad to stay in the park. The other 6 mobile homes are worth a total of about 8 thousand dollars. There are also 5 burned down frames also taking up lots a definite safety hazard.

The land itself is pretty with shade trees and gentle slope, the location is good, 2 miles from major hyw and wal-mart, and 22 miles from Birmingham, decent school system and since the county that we are adjacent to, has just about shut down all new mobile homes from coming in, I feel this can be a good alternative in the future.
The roads in the park belong to the county, they say they are going to be redone next year (don’t hold your breath) I’ve been stealthly looking at this (disaster/opportunity) for a few months.
Been talking to several tenants, most are happier now than when the druggies where there. Coincidentally where the burned hulls are!

The owner should be motivaed but not as much as I would like, He works out of town 27 days a month, he bought it 7 years ago for his grown boys to live in and run , but now they have lost interest, he has health problems.
Since he doesn’t owe any on it and doesn’t have to see it, he isn’t that motivated, (plus he makes alot of money)

I’ve have three couples lined up as posible prospects to run the park in exchange for rent and utilities. I may put Mini storage units on the land that I couldn’t perc out or at least a fenced and/or covered RV and boat storage, there is a need for that in this area. A coin op laundry would probally work, but I havent done much research on that yet

Ok here are the numbers;
He is asking 140 thousand, He verbally stated that he would finance with 50 thousand down, no other details were discussed.

From cap rate veiwpoint you can only say his 600 dollar profit would translate it to being worth 60 thousand dollars (am I right?)

From a more practical veiwpoint;
Land is worth (10@3500)= 35,000
23 installed pads at 2000 apiece = 46,000
mobile homes = 12,000

Subtotal 93,000
Cost of removing hulls and worthless trailers - 4000

What I am going to offer him 87,000

I will rehab and lonnie deal the Homes that can stay, should I lonnie deal any trailers that I don’t need to stay? I’m not telling him that.
Thank you for bearing with me and this long post, but you need as many facts to give an educated opinion. What would you feel would be the maximum you would pay? Mr Tew has counseled me to get the lowest price first before I explain a Net lease option to him.

Ok Fella’s and ladies let me have it!! You can’t hurt my feeling , tell me what you think.

Re: Check my Numbers, Please, (LONG) - Posted by Dave Swett

Posted by Dave Swett on July 28, 2001 at 21:24:28:

I won’t comment on your numbers except to observe that your offer is over a third less than he is asking. Your offer is going to require more of a softening up job on the seller to get his motivation to a level so that he is willing to drop either his price or better his terms.

One idea that I have read but not done is to have a friend make an offer even lower than you are considering so that the seller will release his anger on your friend’s offer. Then when you present your $87,000 offer, the seller may decide that the market is telling him that the 80’s is closer to a fair price and your offer is more attractive than the other low ball offer and negotiate more seriously with you.

Another point on your calculated price. If you want to settle at $87k, then you have to start even lower because he will offer to split the difference or use other tactics to leverage up your offer price. You have got to have flexibility in your price to the same degree that he has to have flexibility in his price. Unless the deal is red ribbon, I have got to the point in my wheeling and dealing that I don’t even bother with people who advertise “Firm.” I don’t want to waste my time softening them up for the next guy.

If the true value is in the 80’s, this is why a lot of buyers will not even waste their time to submit an offer cuz the seller just flat out rejects the offer cuz the seller is not motivated enuf yet to consider anything other than his high ball price. Another waste of time for the buyer.

Keep the chat room posted on your success with your negotiations.


Re: Check my Numbers, Please, (LONG) - Posted by Chuck (AZ)

Posted by Chuck (AZ) on July 28, 2001 at 18:48:37:

Definately workable.

  1. The city sewer won’t always be a half mile away.
  2. Mini-Storage and/or RV and Boat Storage is a great idea for the un-perkable land. If you can get access to this without going thru the park, so much the better. Coin-Op (outside contractor w/split profits) would be a plus.
  3. Loose the trash (junky mobiles, etc…) of course.
  4. Get some signage going.
  5. Live-in Manager/Maintenance for the rent deduction. Make sure these folks have some experience, and share your attitude toward the place.
  6. Raise the lot rents asap. “Lonnie-off” anything that’s worth the effort.
  7. The asking price is high for the parks current condition. If it was primo, I wouldn’t have a problem with it at all.
  8. Your offer price is fair and logical.
  9. Your giving it a 10 CAP… try 15 or 20.

I have a REAL big problem with 10 CAP’s… there are damm few that truly are, and even fewer realtors that understand why that is so. This one definately isn’t.

  1. Save the net-lease option as a fallback position, you should be able to cut a cash/seller-finance deal here with 10% down. It’d be more profitable for him to do so, and give you some breathing room to get a grip on things.

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

Re: Check my Numbers, Please, (LONG) - Posted by Lee

Posted by Lee on July 29, 2001 at 07:13:13:

Good Point, this may take a while but I am going to persue it as practice, if for no other reason to get over my fear. Lee

Re: Check my Numbers, Please, (LONG) - Posted by Lee

Posted by Lee on July 29, 2001 at 07:18:55:

Thank You Chuck, I knew that you would have some insightful comments, I guess one of my main questions was the price per pad improvement of the land. I thought I read somewhere lately that it on average it costs 5000-6000 to build a community from scatch. Any comment?