carlton sheets software package - Posted by davidW

Posted by Bob Johnson on January 01, 2001 at 03:06:50:

50/50 on the software. It’s useful, but a bit immature. If you know your way around a spreadsheet package like Microsoft Excel, you can create your own analysis worksheets based on the docs and forms provided with the Sheets course. If you don’t want to fool with it, the software helps you analyze properties for rental potential and helps track renters. It also contains PDF files of all the docs and worksheets mentioned in the course. It’s probably useful if your goal is to purchse and hold rental units. My initial goal is to rehab and flip several properties to develop working capital, so it’s not that useful to me just yet. And, I want to tweak many of the documents, which means I have to cut the text into Word and reformat everything. Easier than retyping, but not tremendously useful to me.

carlton sheets software package - Posted by davidW

Posted by davidW on December 31, 2000 at 21:44:59:

I just recently received carltons package and am still reading and listening to the cds.
I was wondering if anyone has and or recommends the software package that he offers. I’m a newby at all this and was wondering if the software is any good and what exactly is on it. thanks in advance for your input.
By the way Happy New Year everyone and may this be our most prosperous year ever.

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Posted by Nathan on January 01, 2001 at 10:43:34:

As you start out on your new career of REI(real estate investing), you might want to think about what SASSYLASSY, was saying concerning Rentors. Some Rentors will use and abuse you. I prefer to stay on the home ownership side, and safely secured. Consider using “Land Contracts” and stay away from renting, and all the responsbilities that go along with it.

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Posted by sassylassy on January 01, 2001 at 06:24:14:

Just put my money where my mouth is and ordered sheets course…I ordered 15 months ago but had to send it back to use the money to feed my family plus had accident and multiple surgeries and figured I needed to focus on recovery and then re invest in his courses later…well this is later! At one time in the early 80’s before the tax laws changed used to be newsletter editor and public relations officer for a local RE investor’s club…Those days were fun (:
Yes Sheets’ package is honest direct and most important “affordable” for the beginner investor…Remember one thing nothing in this world will replace “experience” some things in life have just got to be a “real life experience” a surgeon cannot read books and look at diagrams and then just jump into brain surgery its takes “practice” in real situations to become a master. See my point! Much younger with two toddlers I belived Robert Allen and his fellow stars of those days and went out and really did find people(don’t wanter’s) that for really odd reasons actually gave me their properties…yes signed over homes to me but I made the mistake of trying to be a landlord…nope never again…I promised myself after digging a bullet out of my car’s bumper(from tenents who had lived on my property going on 4 month’s rent free of course)that if I ever became an investor again it would be : You don’t steal in slow motion and you flip ‘em over so fast their heads swirl…It is a lot safer and makes fast real money in your pocket NOW! No ratios, no repairs, no 3AM phone calls to fix the toilet and no tenents. Lease with options baby!!!They are the future home owners they fix the toilet and mow the lawn because in a few months they will be the proud owners if they cannot qualify for the loan or decide not to use the option…bye bye… and new potential homeowners will take their place in the driver’s seat. Finding the deals is the fun part “the chase” as Robert Allen put it…I really like the part when a leasee becomes a home owner! I win, they win and the community wins, everybody benefits!It is a nice feeling to provide a way for someone to be able to become a home owner and not be "beat up and laughed at by the “mortgage lenders” that take their hard earned money for points, paper costs,etc. Knowing full well these people are’nt gonna qualify for a loan in this century or the next…laughing behind the buyer’s backs’ after they leave the office. Carry your own paper if you can then flip and ship …pump it up then discount it! Take the cash and let someone else hold the “stress” (the note).
happy new year to all Sassylassy