Carlton Sheets in Denver. - Posted by Ken

Posted by Joel on November 15, 2000 at 15:19:35:


We are having a real estate meeting tonight at I-225 and Iliff. Page me @ 303.510.1594 or if you have other questions. Also, goto to get more really good info. Bill Bronchick is the Pres, and he does a great job.

Joel Egelman

Carlton Sheets in Denver. - Posted by Ken

Posted by Ken on November 14, 2000 at 14:05:56:

I am a student who has placed 4/5 of my money into the Personal Coaching System from Carlton Sheets. Motivation stories are welcome as support in my adventure. If you are an investor and you are located in Denver, I would be very greatful for a quick chat or demonstration on how to buy or sell Real Estate.

Thank You for your time,

Re: Carlton Sheets in Denver. - Posted by Jimmie

Posted by Jimmie on December 05, 2000 at 06:23:05:

I also invested a significant portion of my money in the Carleton Sheets coaching program and to date have been !-VERY-! dissatisfied. I don’t get any calls back when I call and leave a message asking a question (such as “Have my faxes arrived?!” I am SUPPOSED to receive a call back within 2 hours.

The DAY BEFORE my -first- coach was supposed to call me, I received a call from the service center informing me that this coach had left the program, and I was being assigned a new coach to begin in another 2 weeks.
I would receive my new schedule and coach’s information immediately. 1 week went by, with no notification from them, so I called customer service and asked about it. I was given the new coaches name, but no information about whether my activation kit had been received.

On the scheduled day (2 weeks from when I was supposed to have started) my new coach called. I asked her about all of the above problems, and whether I could postpone the start of my program until the beginning of the year (since at this point the holiday season will have begun, and I still did not have any confirmation of any of my faxes, along with the fact that I now have a job that requires me to travel for 2 weeks right at the beginning of my new start date).

I was informed that she would look into it and call me back in 2 days. She never did…

Today, the day before my 2nd scheduled meeting, I received a form letter from customer service with my new schedule and a new welcome to the program card. Still no information on whether any of my faxes have been received.

When she calls (in about 5 hours) I intend to discuss not only my complete dissatisfaction with the way I have been treated thus far, I also intend to ask for a refund. $2500 is WAY too much money to have charged when my entire reason for getting into this program was to STOP paying interest on credit cards. Not to mention the nearly $300 I paid for the original program (which I am now told is not entirely neccesary)!

I am wondering, has anybody else had similar experiences with PEI (Professional Education Institute/Carleton Sheets)? I would really like to hear about them!


Re: Carlton Sheets in Denver. - Posted by Joseph

Posted by Joseph on November 16, 2000 at 21:03:30:


I was called just the other evening to see if I wanted to take the course. What do you think of it? Is it worth the money or could you have done it on your own?