carleton sheets... good or bad and why? - Posted by Vincent

Posted by CPI on October 24, 1998 at 24:19:04:

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I bought the course and unfortunately let it sit after I bought it. I am a full time sales professional but I have a great deal of time to listen while on the road. After listening to the course 3+ times (missed a bit here and there) I started.

Best course you ever bought. I own several (4) properties and I’ve been doing it for about 15 months. This does go against what you’ve seen in the infomercials but not for my area. I live in a town of 8,500 people and this is the way it works. I envy those that live in larger towns, you have all that opportunity.

Bottom line: I work 60 hours+ a week selling and only 4-8 hours a week doing real estate. I still make much greater money doing my job, but I have increased the net worth greatly.

Those that buy the course and are not successful will complain that it’s Carlton’s fault. This is a blameless society, so let the less fortunate fall where they may. Make a commitment to change your life for the better and live by it and you’ll do very well with this course. Otherwise, don’t waste your money on this course unless you are a self motivated person.

Good Luck.

carleton sheets… good or bad and why? - Posted by Vincent

Posted by Vincent on October 20, 1998 at 23:25:26:

I am 22 I work in San Diego… live in the San Gabriel Valley (Los Angeles) and stood up late one night and saw Carleton’s infomercial.

I started doing a little research online about the guy and I think I am more confused now, then before I started surfing.

There seems to be a mixed reaction as to the effectiveness of Sheets’ course. For those of you who like the course… why do you like it? and for those of you who don’t… why don’t you like it.

I am getting out of the Navy soon. I am going to college in the spring… but school isn’t going to make me any money. I like finance… As a matter of fact, it is what I do in the Navy. I like numbers and I like making money.

Real Estate is where it’s at… I know that… But how and where do I start. What do I need to read… Where do I need to be reading? Help.

Mark… Karen… Anyone… can you help?


Re: carleton sheets… good or bad and why? - Posted by Tim Conde

Posted by Tim Conde on October 21, 1998 at 13:04:54:

I don’t just like the course, I love the course. Why? Because it “worked” for me. I took the teachings and applied myself and made it work. Generally, that is what you will hear. The people who have made a lot of money with it, love it. It changed my life and it apparently changed the lives of the people who appear on the Sheets’ infomercial. Now, I’d be the first to say that Sheets was not SOLELY responsible for my success, but he played a big part.

The people who do not like Sheets do so for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one seems to be that they had expectations that weren’t met. The Sheets ad makes everything pretty easy. Some of the people talk about having 3 or 4 properties before the end of the first month after taking the course. That is far from typical. I think people get the course and sit back and just wait for the money to roll in. They expect to be able to say a few magic words and be able to buy any house they desire for no money down, and at a 50% discount to boot. They expect Realtors to beat down their door, and they expect banks to swing wide their vault doors when you walk in. Naturally, when that stuff never happens they blame Sheets.

If you want a reality check on Sheets, e-mail me and I’ll try to give you a successful student’s perspective, and how I made it work. Then it’ll be up to you.


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Hi Tim, I would be very interested in your success stories. I have the course and i am determined to succeed. Darla

Is the CS program worth trying? - Posted by RODNEY

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I am a 20 year old college student who is very motivated but would like to make money in a short time(2-4 weeks).Is this program worth trying?

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No money down, no risk - Posted by Hal

Posted by Hal on October 24, 1998 at 09:18:33:


In my opinion, Tim is exactly right. Those who worked the CS system made money and are grateful to him; those that have not worked and/or had unrealistic expectations, dislike his program.

I, for one, think it’s a great value. I went to a $1500 Homebuyers of America seminar that didn’t offer half the value of CS’s $180 course. It is well worth the money.

Understand where CS stands in the history of American re investing. CS learned from Al Lowry and Bob Allen, nothing down masters. At the time these giants were most influential (70s and 80s), real estate was appreciating wildly every year. Thus, if you could only own real estate, you could expect a 5% (or greater) appreciation in your property every year. Thus, under these conditions, a $100k house would be worth $105 a year later, and $110,250 two years later. Hold it for five or six years and your $100k house could increase in value $25,000.

Under these conditions, the issue thus became how to acquire as much real estate as possible. For just to acquire and hold meant almost certain wealth. Allen, CS, and others thus developed techniques to acquire property with none of your own money. Theoretically, you could thus acquire infinite properties (since it cost you nothing) and infinitely increase your net worth. CS split off from Lowry, and his system has been around ever since.

The only thing I don’t personally agree with in the CS system is the properties he has you buy: anything for no money down. I personally don’t agree with that. Sheets is comfortable holding a property with just a +$100 cash flow, and I am not. One decent maintenance expense and your cash flow is gone. Also, you can’t expect those great appreciation values anymore in many markets, so the buy and hold technique is riskier than I, personally, and comfortable with. I prefer to buy, rehab, and force appreciation through improvements.

Does that mean CS system is no good for me? No! It means I use it to buy the kinds of properties I like.

His system is basic to real estate investment. It’s a great beginning point. Like many folks, you will probably want to invest in future courses when you get a better idea of what specific techniques you want to master.

I, for one, will always be grateful to CS for his late night infomercials. I belittled his ads as being too good to be true. It wasn’t until I had renovated my personal residence, and experienced how much money you could make (even part-time) in real estate, that I became a believer. If I hadn’t ever seen his ads, I might never have been so enthused to start.

One final note: I strongly suspect his students confuse cash flow with total income and property value with net worth. The returns of his video students is exaggerated; it’s HIGHLY atypical to get that kind of success in the short run, but not necessarily in the long run.

Why don’t you buy it and see what we are talking about? You have a 30 day money back guarantee, you know. You have nothing to lose, other than a little time.

Much success to you,


Re: carleton sheets… good or bad and why? - Posted by Jack Hutson

Posted by Jack Hutson on October 23, 1998 at 08:30:54:

I just ordered Sheets course. I would love to have your input on the good and the bad as soon as possible. It is not too late to cancel my order at this point in time. Thanks, J.H.

Re: Is the CS program worth trying? - Posted by kj

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you will never make any money that fast, i have aaa+ credit, two rentals and some cash, etc, and it will still take me at least 3-6 months at best to make any money. ken.

Re: No money down, no risk - Posted by Ben Monroe

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As someone who has just received CS’s course,I believe you make the best argument for him that I’ve read. I haven’t even started the lesson tapes yet and I’ve already learned about investing from his “free” video tapes they included. Time will tell what I can do with the information. Thanks for the input.

Re: carleton sheets… good or bad and why? - Posted by Elishia

Posted by Elishia on October 23, 1998 at 20:42:27:

My husband and I didn’t know anything about buying houses and got the Carleton Sheets program back in January. Our mindset at that time was, “If it helps us buy our house then it is worth it.” That was 9 months and 15 units ago!!! It has really changed what we get up for in the morning. We were one of those people who had negative net worth to begin with. We were still too scared to take the plunge after receiving the course and just sat on it for about 3 months. Then we received a call from a CS Representative telling us about the MENTORSHIP PROGRAM. This seemed pretty expensive ($2000) but they really hold your hand and answer all of the questions that you have. They even guarantee that you will buy a house in 6mo or they will continue to work with you until you do. It got my husband and I past that very difficult peak (buying the first house) and now we can’t be stopped. I suggest that you check out if there are any real estate investor groups in your area before you do the mentorship program. Those people can be a good crutch and answer questions you may have at a lot less expense (ours runs $150/yr). I would definately say that it was the smartest investment in our future that we ever made. GOOD LUCK (the deals really are out there - we still can’t believe it!) Elishia

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Hi Elishia, I loved your letter. I have the cs course and I am determined to make it work for me. I have signed up for the personal coachine also and i am very excited and very ready for my first property and on and on!!! I live in Colorado. Lets keep in touch. darla