Carleton Sheets criticism other than shipping - Posted by Paul_R

Posted by Paul_R on October 12, 2004 at 24:36:05:

Thanks for responding to my post.Like I said in that post, I’m not endorsing the course, I just thought it gave an informative overview of real estate investing and would reccomend it as a primer to others.(I guess that means I am endorsing it!) As I said my wife and I own some properties and have done lots of mobile home deals in the past, but purchased our properties without any “creative” techniques.In my desire to learn more,I read some books and bought the Sheets course and believed it was worth the money.

Carleton Sheets criticism other than shipping - Posted by Paul_R

Posted by Paul_R on October 08, 2004 at 14:20:30:

I am a somewhat inexperienced RE investor although do own some property.I have purchased the Carleton Sheets No Money Down course.I have listened to all of the cd’s and watched the DVD’s. I have read considerable criticism about the course, but it all seems to stem from billing issues.I paid for mine with a pre-paid Visa card(the only way I buy anything online) so I won’t be having those problems. I also read criticism about it being simplistic and basic,but I was looking for info for a begginer, and thought it was very informative. I also have no intentions of scouring the country for deals where I can put money in my pocket at closing. I just want to invest in RE with a reasonable amount down and gain equity through distressed properties.Carleton Sheets seems to promote ethical business practices unlike some people I’ve read (Wu,DelDotto)and openly encourages you to read material by other authors. I also believe that I probably could have bought this info cheaper book by book by other authors,but don’t have a problem with paying $240 for all the info I got as I didn’t have time to do that right away. All in all I consider it money well spent and plan to read many other authors on RE investing. But would like to know from experienced investors if there is anything bad about this Sheets course that I am to naieve to see.

Re: Carleton Sheets criticism other than shipping - Posted by Chris P

Posted by Chris P on October 11, 2004 at 20:37:58:

I agree w/Paul in that Mr. Sheets has a very informative package. I have a few properties myself, and I have benefited greatly from the extensive detail covered in the Sheets program. It provides all the contracts/forms that every RE investor needs, no matter the level of expierience.
So even though some may find fault w/the program, I think they are the type that would find fault any type of exercise that would require them to take action.