carleton sheets and russ whitney - Posted by wayne

Posted by Al on July 31, 2001 at 05:42:50:


carleton sheets and russ whitney - Posted by wayne

Posted by wayne on July 31, 2001 at 02:51:33:

I ran across several posts relating to both of these gurus, and I must say they are not well liked by some people.

I can only speak about carleton sheets since I started my rei research with him. After gaining the good part of my knowledge about rei from this site, I must say that carleton sheets was a huge waste of time. I am just glad I borrowed the material from someone rather than buying it. I also learned that the person I borrowed it from is in a battle with sheets program about “additional unauthorized charges on her credit card”.

Now as far as russ whitney, the majority of positive feedback is coming from training members of his organization that I feel have a vested interest in doing “damage control” by unsatisfied customers on this web site. I do not know what his program entails but I tend to read a heckuvalot more horror stories than positive things from him. Another thing I would recommend anyone reads if they do attend his seminar is to search (sorry if this sounds like an advertisement for another site but it is critical info for russ whitney attendee’s), visit and look at the leasecomm agreements links. These are irontight non cancellable contracts that you sign at the russ whitney organization to accept credit cards.

Well as far as I am concerned, until someone has a better than average concept of rei or any business for that matter, they should not lock into any contract, you could and will get burned from time to time, but with a little luck and allota intelligence, you will severly limit fires ability.

just a thought.