Capital Gains - Posted by Jim

Posted by Gerald on July 09, 1999 at 13:44:30:

A fair job?

Since 1987 when he came into power:

Unemployment from 7% to 4%
Interest Rates from 11% to 6%
Inflation from 8% to 0%
Stock Market from 1500 to 11,000
Deficits from $200 billion p/yr to surpluses

Yes, the Presidents and Congresses to deserve some credit along the way, but Greenspan does have the power to affect everything in the economy.

Fair job? How would he get a great endorsement from you? If the economy overheats, inflation and interest rates will reoccur!

Better get back to hitting the economic books to determine what’s fair and what is great!!

Capital Gains - Posted by Jim

Posted by Jim on July 09, 1999 at 10:57:54:

Well my last post created quite a stir. I apologize for not using a spell checker. I also apologize for being too political. I would like to point out that the economist in question , Jude Wanniski , is a liberal democrat. I often I disagree with his views. However his economic theory is sound. John F. Kennedy , a democrat, followed his ideas. Richard Nixon , a supposed republican, fully embraced Keynesian economic theory which resulted in stagflation. My point is economic theory and policies directly effect all of us particularly investors. Most recently Alan Greenspan who believes the way to keep inflation in check is to cripple the economy. I hope all of you will at least visit and broaden your thinking. Most people have never taken classes in economics I was trying to share a site that offers free courses. Its not democrats Vs republicans its good sound ideas that need to be understood .

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Posted by LenWa on July 09, 1999 at 11:38:38:

Jim yes we do need to broaden our views. I will remark on one statement keeping it in the R E area.
Greenspan has more power than the President to effect our lives. How by raising % rates so high that the markets bomb, stopping houseing starts and keeping home buyers from qualitfying for their dream home.
He has done a fair job so far -----think he will in the future as well
With that kind of power. My wish would be that this postion was voted on my the people. Anyway hope your investing Jim is profitable, Lets hear how u do .