Can Note Buyers Close Flips ? - Posted by Keith IL

Posted by JoeS on June 29, 2001 at 05:28:15:

My experience has been that note buyers tend to be a bit over enthusiastic, and thus ultimately cannot close the deal. No fault of their own, just the nature of the beast. My recommendation, is to try one out, see the outcome, and run with it if it works. You can ask for referrals, ask around to see if anyone else has done business with them. There is another site for that purpose. Everytime I try a new note buyer, I shake in my shoes until the money gets wired.

Can Note Buyers Close Flips ? - Posted by Keith IL

Posted by Keith IL on June 29, 2001 at 24:39:00:


I posted a question on the board concerning properties that I rehab and then want to sell quickly (text book flips)I received various reponses from note buyers that say that they offer a viable way to fund my buyers without the use of conventional lenders and their many limiting chain of title issues etc. (some said that they would buy unseasoned note at 97% of the appraised value, and offered help with the buyers downpayment too!). My question is has anyone ever done a closing with these note buyers and is it really a viable to solution to this flip lending mess we’re currently experiencing?

Keith in Illinois