CAM Charges - Posted by MikeC NJ

Posted by ray@lcorn on May 13, 2003 at 11:50:09:


  1. There is an average for everything, including per square foot charges for CAM for your property type and area. Just remember that averages are just that… by definition there are units that are higher and lower in the sample population. In fact the “average” may not be an actual charge for any of the sample population.

  2. Most leases have a mechanism within the CAM clause that provide for tenant audit. I say “most”, and you’ll have to read your lease to find out how and when such an audit can be performed.

  3. See number 2. Again, “most” leases do provide for an audit, which may or may not include the actual documents.

  4. See number 2 again. In most cases, any discrepancy found in an audit would be reported to the owner/landlord/manager. Most leases have a formula that specifies the range of tolerance (i.e. within 10%, 5%, whatever) the charge must exceed before penalties are assessed, if penalties are provided for at all.


CAM Charges - Posted by MikeC NJ

Posted by MikeC NJ on May 13, 2003 at 09:47:56:

Our company rents a warehouse in Las Vegas, NV. Our lease stipulates we are responsible for our portion of the common area maintenance charges. I have a few questions regarding these charges.

  1. Is there an average charge per sq. ft?

  2. How do I verify the charges are legitimate?

  3. Can I ask to see copies of actual maintenance invoices?

  4. Who do I contact if I wish to dispute a charge?

Thanks in advance.