Calculations software - Posted by Mark Vidales

Posted by John Behle on December 07, 1998 at 19:57:27:

I use an HP19B primarily and an HP financial calculator program that came on my computer. If I have complicated cash flows I either use a program I wrote years ago called “The Mortgage Master” or one called “The Financial Abacus” both of which are not available any more.

I’ve used TValue and we used to sell and recommend it, but it doesn’t suit my needs as well as what I use. I’ve seen Jon Richard’s one and it seems to work well. A student of mine John Moren incorporated some of the ideas I used in “The Mortage Master” and created Noteworks and NoteCalc. Both are excellent as well as his original collection program “Notesmith” that I use.

Calculations software - Posted by Mark Vidales

Posted by Mark Vidales on December 07, 1998 at 17:44:11:


I’m pretty good with the calculator calculating present value of future cash flows and yield and most of the somewhat complex calculations, except when you have to start calculating individual cashflows that are more complicated.

My question is do you use a calculator for all your calculations and if so would you recommend any of the software that is out there i.e. T-value. Papersource online offers a few that calculate different scenarios and then
even write a letter for you with the offer to purchase
notes from sellers as well as for your investors. Could you comment on that?