buying first mobil - Posted by josh rushing

Posted by Chuck (AZ) on July 05, 2001 at 15:06:15:

What city,state are you in?
How much have you paid in rent to date?
What is your monthly payment now?
How much is the lot rent?
Does it includes any utilities/trash pick-up, etc?
Have you ever missed, or been late with, a rent payment?
What kind of down payment can you make?
In your opinion, is the home worth the asking price of $8,000?
Does the home need any repair work?
If yes, who will do it?
How long have you been with your current employer?
Do you have a criminal record? If yes, for what?

Now you probably think I’ve being very nosey or perhaps even a bit rude… but I’m not. These are the exact same questions that a lender would ask you… and the answers are probably the reason he won’t sell to you on credit or with an option.

Think about it.

buying first mobil - Posted by josh rushing

Posted by josh rushing on July 05, 2001 at 24:41:22:

i liv in a mobil home. i asked my land lord if he would be willing to sell it. he agred to sell it to me for $8000. he wants all cash and wont lease option. how do i financ when i have bad credit and no friends or relitivs to lend me money? pleas help me.