Buy the home course not the coaching program - Posted by Jules C

Posted by Jules C on November 25, 1998 at 09:19:27:


You have the right attitude. However, I feel that if satisfaction is not achieved then taking it to a public forum like this has more of an overall effect. You paid the money-- and as I pointed out to them – I consider this a performance contract and they had better perform.

As I said in my earlier message- They don’t teach you anything that the book hasn’t already taught you and then in phase two they leave you fending for yourself with a resource line that I can hardly say is worth it. Let me give you an example. I submitted a cash flow/expenses statement on a multi-family apartment complex. I had already run the numbers and came to the conclusion that the owner was asking about $115,000.00 over what this would cash flow at to break even. Even if I raised the rents it was too far out of line. I called the resource line, and low and behold they agreed with me, but were so busy trying to get me off the line they offered no alternative suggestions. I don’t want to learn from people that can’t give me any more insight than I already have. When I complained I got an apology- and apologies don’t buy real estate. Any way you keep at them and if they hic-up jump on them.

Buy the home course not the coaching program - Posted by Jules C

Posted by Jules C on November 24, 1998 at 10:12:24:

I have recently finished the first phase of Carlton’s coaching coarse and I must admit that it lacks the substance and professionalism that I believed I was paying for. I, unfortunately, had a coach for the first couple of months that only was interested in his deals, not what I needed to learn. After complaining I was connected with a coach that seemed to care, but before we could really make any progress my phase 1 was over. Phase 2 places me alone, with no coach. In Phase 2 I only have access to the resource line. I won’t even go into the level of help I have received from these people-I like the home course, but I would not recommend the coaching course (you would be better off using the money to purchase real estate using the methods Carlton has laid out in the home study course).

Re: Buy the home course not the coaching program - Posted by darla nassif

Posted by darla nassif on November 25, 1998 at 07:30:15:

Hi Jules, Unfortunately, i have already purchased the personal coaching course. I was dissappointed with my first session. the coach just listened to me gave very little advise and then gave me another assignment for next time. I was very dissappointed. I am going to call and complain but I guess that does not really help. However I am not the type to spend money and have it wasted. They will keep hearing from me until I have satisfaction. Darla