Bronchick vs. Cook - Posted by abraun

Posted by Sherman Ragland on June 28, 2001 at 21:52:26:

Steve Cook’s

Just did my first deal, thanks in large part to Steve, who I met at the Convention in Atlanta.

Paid $24,500 for a 2br/1ba just outside (as in 1/8th mile east) of Washington DC. According to Steve, I am to be commended for “setting a new low record” for the neighborhood. The “average” selling price for similar homes in the neighborhood ( as in on the same block) is $75K to $120K. In fact, this was a bank REO in which the bank foreclosed on an $89K mortgage in December of '99.
Steve is very detailed and VERY current on how to do this stuff. I also have Bronchick’s materials. Bronchick’s stuff was great to get me in the frame of mind, Steve helped me do my first deal.

Just one guy’s opinion.


Bronchick vs. Cook - Posted by abraun

Posted by abraun on June 26, 2001 at 12:28:58:

There seems to be such a difference in price between Bronchick and Stephen Cook’s flipping courses.
Can anyone give me an idea of which one would be better for someone just starting out and knows NOTHING. Thanks!!