brokers? - Posted by LPC

Posted by John Behle on November 04, 1998 at 14:28:44:

Most of the National Council of Exchangors are trained and operate as buyer’s brokers. Many handle high end deals or work with a limited number of type of clients, but if someone in your area is too busy, they may know someone who will work with you - provided you are looking at the type of deals and have the resources that would make it worth an agent’s while to work with you.

Most of the agents listed on the NCE roster hold at least an EMS designation for “Equity Marketing Specialist”. Many hold a “Gold Card” designation and are some of the most highly trained and creative professionals in the real estate industry.

brokers? - Posted by LPC

Posted by LPC on November 04, 1998 at 10:59:37:

I have heard buyers brokers are a good way to find good deals on properties. How do I go about finding one in my area?

Thank you!